Set-Up Promotions

Set-Up Promotions has been a one-stop resource for radio promotions for the commercial and active rock community for over 10 years. Set-Up’s longstanding relationships with key radio personnel assure that your artist will be heard by even the most selective taste-makers in rock. Set-Up’s deep-rooted commitment to integrity and hard work assures that your artist’s image is in good hands and will receive the best representation possible to Music, Programming and Promotions staff across the country.

Set-Up also works with stations and labels to create and execute on-air giveaways and contesting, event based promotions and merchandise promotions to meet the needs and lifestyles of your target audience. Wherever your fans are, Set-Up knows how to find them.

Sudi Gaasche-Gill

Sudi Gaasche-Gill, owner and founder of Set-Up has built a two decade long career in the music industry on hard work, honesty and breaking new grounds. Starting at McGathy promotions Sudi founded and lead the companies metal department. When she later moved to TVT she held the position of VP of Rock Promotions, having the forsight to sign a then little known band, Sevendust. Finally, before founding Set-Up Sudi worked as the National Director of Radio promotions for Virgin Records.